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RHUNDO RS-20 3-way Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter/Adapter/Charger + 2 USB 3.4Amp, with Remote Touch Sensor Switch Panel

Designed in Korea by STYLISHWIZ which is Korea's prominent automotive accessory designer.RHUNDO is a premium brand that focuses on providing upscale, high quality automotive electronic accessories to ..


Vico-Power Plus. Smart Car-Battery Power Management Device (BDP) battery discharge prevention device

Power Plus is a power safety device which connects to car battery to work with Dash Cam/Black Box, continuously providing power after engine-off while parking. Together working with Vico Smart Parking..


2-way USB (2.1A+1.0A) Car Cigarette Lighter Charger Socket Splitter Adapter Autoban / Wine (Korea)

Brand: Autoban / Wine (Korea)Model: AW-Z44Cigarette Lighter Input Voltage: 12V-24VOutput Power: 12V-24V / 120WUSB-1 Output: 5V / 2.1AUSB-1 Output: 5V / 1AMain fuse: 8-10APower cord length: 60cmMain un..


Hard Wire kit MS Multi Safer MotoPark. Low Voltage Cut Off, Battery Discharge Prevention (BDP)

MotoPark Multi Safer can be used as a hard wire kit with any dashcamera system.Enables 24/7 Motion Detection ( a.k.a Parking Mode ) recordingFeaturesVarious modes ( stand-by mode / ACC mode ) supporte..


CELL POWER CPUSB01 12V/24V to 5V MiniUSB Power Adapter with BDP (Battery Discharge Prevention) Low Voltage Cut-Off for Street Guardian SG9665GC (and other mini-USB powered) DashCam products

Approved to use with Street Guardian MiniUSB port dash-cameras and has appropriate gauge for the cable length and current drawBeware of cheaper similar looking models !"CELL POWER" from..


2-way Cigarette lighter socket splitter. 1 male / 2 female

Cable length between sockets and plug: 32cmOperating voltage: 12V-24VMaximum working current: 15A18AWG Cable5a fuse..


Cup Holder 2 port Cigarette Lighter charger socket splitter/adapter w. 2 x USB ports (2.1A+1.0A) Fouring DA-846 (Korea)

Brand: Autoban / Fouring (Korea)Model: DA-947Cigarette Lighter Input Voltage: 12V-24VGreen LED Power-ON indicatorOutput Power: 12V-24V USB-1 Output: 5V / 2.1AUSB-1 Output: 5V / 1AMain fuse: 8ARet..


Double-shielded cigarette lighter charger cable Mini-USB for SG9665GC

Double-shielded cigarette lighter charger cable with Mini-USB plug.Double-shielding helps to reduce radio- and other electromagnetic interference.4 metre long..


Cigarette Lighter Power Charger for Street Guardian SGZC12SG, SGZC12SS, SGZC12RC

Double-shielded cigarette lighter charger cable with 3.5mm L-shape ( angled ) plugFor Street Guardian SGZC12SG, SGZC12SS, SGZC12RCDouble-shielding helps to reduce radio- and other electromagnetic inte..


Complete KIT. MiniUSB BDP Hardwire + Add-a-Circuit Fuse Tap Piggy Back Fuse Holder 12/24V ( ATO/ATV, Mini, MIcro )

Complete Hardwire + Power Control KIT for your Street Gaurdian SG9665GC hardwiring / installation.1pcs CELL POWER BDP ( battery discharge prevention ) device / power converter31pcs add-a-circuit compl..