Cell Power

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CELL POWER CPUSB01 12V/24V to 5V MiniUSB Power Adapter with BDP (Battery Discharge Prevention) Low Voltage Cut-Off for Street Guardian SG9665GC (and other mini-USB powered) DashCam products

Approved to use with Street Guardian MiniUSB port dash-cameras and has appropriate gauge for the cable length and current drawBeware of cheaper similar looking models !"CELL POWER" from..


Complete KIT. MiniUSB BDP Hardwire + Add-a-Circuit Fuse Tap Piggy Back Fuse Holder 12/24V ( ATO/ATV, Mini, MIcro )

Complete Hardwire + Power Control KIT for your Street Gaurdian SG9665GC hardwiring / installation.1pcs CELL POWER BDP ( battery discharge prevention ) device / power converter31pcs add-a-circuit compl..