Circular Polarizing ( CPL ) Lens Filter for Street Guardian SG9665GC

Circular Polarizing ( CPL ) Lens Filter for Street Guardian SG9665GC

Package content:

1 pcs of CPL filter for SG9665GC

1 pcs quick start-guide / user manual

1 pcs plastic protective packaging / case

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Circular Polarizing ( CPL ) filter mainly used on dashcams to help to reduce dashboard glare.

Depending on the angle of outside light source ( sun in day time or street lights at night ) which reflects from car dashboard, in many cases dashcamera may record quite heavy dashboard glare which may block partially recorded footage. In those cases CPL filter may reduce this glare.

Below are screenshot comparison of side by side Street Guardian SG9665GC With and Without CPL filter.

Top is without CPL, Bottom is with CPL

A (1).jpg 

A (2).jpg 

A (3).jpg 

A (4).jpg 

CPL filter shell made of strong and flexible plastic with heatproof rating up to 80C / 176F.
Made In Germany CPL glass consist of 4 layers: protective glass + Circular Polarized glass + protective glass + UV glass.
NB! CPL glass comes already manually pre-adjusted for correct polarization. 
Buyers don't need to adjust anything, - just attach to SG9665GC


Very easy to attach / detach. Stays firmly attached in place and can withstand strong shaking ( road bumps / potholes )

Video overview:

SG9665GC with CPL Filter attached

Without CPL ( Left ) vs With CPL ( Right )

This is how two units look together side by side. Left one is with CPL, right one is without.

Below there are videos of day and night CPL Filter attach / detach test.





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